Original Wedding Songs

Well, it’s been a very productive few weeks for me.  Although I primarily write and perform singing telegrams, I am also asked to compose wedding songs for couples.  As fun as the singing telegrams are to do, I especially enjoy the process and the challenge of writing a unique song for such an important and special day as a wedding.  It can take up to three months for the whole process – from gathering information about the couple, to writing the poem, putting the poem to music, getting it approved and making whatever adjustments that need to made, to designing the CD label and cover, creating a framed keepsake of the song, then going to the recording studio to have the song recorded.  Then, finally, shipping the CD’s off to wherever in the world they are going.

The customer I am working with right now happens to live in Australia and it has been such a pleasure working with her.  I am happy to say that she is thrilled with her song.  After reading the words, she asked if there was any way for her to hear the tune in advance.  I managed to find a way to do a rough recording for her from home and send it to her by email and, again, she was thrilled.  It is very rewarding to do something so personal for someone and then to have them be so appreciative and happy about what I’ve done.   I have the best job.

Everything is written and designed.  Now I am just practising the song so I will be ready for the recording session on Wednesday, plus, I need to print off her CD labels and such.   We are on the home stretch and everything will be ready for my customer well before her wedding date.  Yay!

Photos taken by Shelley Findlay

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