Samuel & His Family Need Our Help

Samuel photo for handouts, use2

This little fella’s name is Samuel Naylor. He just underwent a long & involved surgery at BC Children’s Hospital, in order to remove a malignant tumour that was wrapped around his brain stem where it connects to his spinal cord. This is but one step in, what will be, a long journey for this little boy & his family. Unfortunately, they were unable to remove all of the tumour.  Samuel has stage 4 brain cancer.

Samuel’s parents, John & Marie Naylor, have five children; three of whom have serious health issues. So the accumulated financial burdens have become more than they can manage. They are facing overwhelming expenses due to numerous hospital visits, medications, therapy, travel costs and missed work.

The Naylors are a wonderful, loving family who are active and involved in their community in Parksville, BC. Right now, they just need a few, caring ‘angels’ who would find it in their hearts to give them a hand during this difficult time. Perhaps you can identify with their struggles.

If you are able to contribute, this family would be so appreciative and encouraged. Even a small amount …it all adds up. To Donate go to:

(If you would like to donate in an alternate way, message us for info.)
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